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Keith Tyson

The Sum of All possible Paths

Keith Tyson was born in Ulverston, England 1969.

He left school at 16 and worked in a shipyard for 5 years before studying alternative practice at the university of Brighton. Since then he has exhibited worldwide including the exhibitions at the Kunsthalle Zurich, Venice Biennale and the Tate. In 2002 he was awarded the prestigious Turner Prize. (full biography available)

Over the last 12 years Tyson has worked simultaneously on various series of works to great acclaim.
Galerie Georges Philippe et Nathalie Vallois are proud to present “The Sum of all Possible Paths.” Consisting of a single exemplary work from more than a dozen of Tyson’s on going projects brought together for the first time in one exhibition.

The exhibition will include great examples from celebrated series such as:
“The Art Machine” (where Tyson programmed a computer to generate art proposals which he then fabricated),
“Geno-Pheno” (a series of diptychs in which the boundaries of cause and effect become poetically blurred), “Nature Paintings” (in which Tyson utilizes chemical reactions and the forces of nature to produce paintings of stunning natural beauty), “Studio wall drawings” (a kind of on-going visual diary of the network of influences effecting the artist from day to day)
and the “History paintings” (in which a roulette table is used to compose paintings relating to turbulent moments in history)

The Exhibition will also feature prototypical examples of brand new series seen for the first time such as “Operator Paintings”, “Higher Arcana” and “The Here and Now” (in which Tyson tries to honour the fluctuating nature of intentionality)

This exhibition offers us an exciting glimpse into the wide range and depth of the artist’s interests. Presenting us with a vision of our universe as a complex, poetic and ever changing dynamic.

A fully illustrated Catalogue will be available for the exhibition.

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