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Luis Terán


I am a sculptor.
The works I create come from my relationship with the environment all around my actions during a given time. I do not have a single way to do things. I try to activate a mechanism for each material that I use so it adjusts as precisely as possible to a
particular idea.
One of the main approaches of my work is directly related to my studio. The research takes
place during the « experience of doing it ». The materials come usually from residue, recovery or domestic use materials.
I push them to achieve their expressive limit, moving them away from their status of waste or raw materials.For the series of sculptures « Totems » I poured cement into plastic bottles of mineral water or orange juice.
These works refer to modern sculpture, to the Endless Column by Constantin Brancusi or the
Personnages by Louise Bourgeois.
What I search through these sculptures is empathy with the viewer. At first, one connects to a familiar archetypal shape – the totem – then to the historical reference of these sculptures.
Finally one connects to the forms used: layered plastic bottles, which are part of the «recognized daily life» of the viewer.

Luis Terán, mars 2016

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