Pierre Seinturier


Born in 1988 in Paris (France)
Lives and works in Paris (France)

Pierre Seinturier is one of the most promising artist of the recent French contemporary art scene. Born in 1988, he lives and works in Paris. In 2011, he graduated from the Ecole nationale des Arts Décoratifs and won two years later the Special Jury Award from the Salon de Montrouge. «Pierre Seinturier’s work is characterised by narration and suspense. The scenes he imagines stage situations founded on a culture of the enigma, for they are inscribed neither in a «before» nor an «after» of any continuum. They show a moment stopped in time, the way we would pause a film to isolate a scene from its context in order to discover and be surprised by its singularity. Taken from an entire world of fixed or animated images – films, comic books, postcards, varied and diverse publications… – Seinturier’s works also portray his daily life, his obsessions, and his fantasy visions, in particular the United States which he has seldom visited. He imagines an entire theatre for his fantasy memory, creating stories, staging them in landscapes mired with a tense atmosphere, animating them with characters, about whom the uncertainty remains, whether they be fictitious or not, and what their identity may be. The way he inhabits space by staging it on different planes allows him to play with trompe-l’oeil effects and with a visual maze which force the viewer into an active, curious, and even nosy stroll. In fact, Pierre Seinturier’s entire efforts aim at multiplying viewpoints in order to escape bi-dimensionality, and plastic experiences in order to mix reality and fiction even more. To that extent, his art is almost a kind of fable aesthetics.» Philippe Piguet, Inner journeys, 2015

33 36 rue de Seine
75006 Paris – FR
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