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Saverio Lucariello

Les infiltrés

Exhibition view “Les infiltrés”
Galerie GP & N Vallois, Paris
12.03.2010 – 10.04.2010
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Les infiltrés - Galerie Georges-Philippe & Nathalie Vallois
Les infiltrés - Galerie Georges-Philippe & Nathalie Vallois
Les infiltrés - Galerie Georges-Philippe & Nathalie Vallois


L’Infiltré does not have its own light, but steals subtly into another’s glow. It recuperates the light of images. It is not a quotationist, like something that follows a story. It is itself the principle of quotation, ever able to be a referential element. It arouses a strange attraction (as soon as it is spotted) for any kind of formal composition. Since it first appeared in 1995, there are countless images and aesthetic contexts that, although in possession of their own themes, have been influencedby l’Infiltré. It is itself the active and unexpected principle of quotation. It is quotation because it has no being of its own. L’Infiltré belongs to no one and to everyone. It is! Immisceor ergo sum! That is enough for it to be everywhere, because it can. It is a weapon, a soul, permanently present, needing no party, theory, ideology or religion to exhibit itself. L’Infiltré exhibits itself! L’Infiltré does not need to simplify or abound. It is a minimalist, a naturalist, a born simplifier. Perpetually present, it critiques everything, wherever it can insinuate itself. It is a substance that can be integrated into almost everything. I say almost everything, because l’Infiltré can, if it wants, operate even through strong discrimination. In spite of its irrationality and its total lack of balance, it does not infiltratejust anywhere, however. It can be seen as a presence that is rebellious as much as it is inflationist,but it can also be extremely selective, precisely because it enjoys the rare pleasure of being able to put in token appearances everywhere. L’Infiltré is a saprophyte that makes the most of it. What more can we say about it? What can be said has been said already and there is nothing to add since l’Infiltré itself keeps adding without letting on, so that we never even know it is adding. It is like art criticism. It adds itself like a neutral element that is in a different bed every night but never makes anyone come. It is better not to expect anything, not to hope for anything, or at the very most to watch out for l’Infiltré in the hope that it will show its little patch of pink fleshand perhaps arouse desire, even from those who were no longer hoping for it, caught up in their own disenchantment or their own unresolved ambitions.

Saverio LUCARIELLO, February 2010

(Excerpt from : Pour une compréhension de l’In ltré : le principe d’immanence et le principe d’actualité chez l’In ltré, Éditions Obscures et Ouvertes, Paris-Naples, 1995-2010).

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