Taro Izumi


Born in 1976 in Nara (Japan)
Lives and works in Tokyo (Japan)

Taro Izumi, a representative of the young Japanese generation, creates works close to a play by Samuel Beckett: absurd, burlesque, often tinged with black humor. His installations turn every exhibition space into big «bric-a-brac» with images, sounds and various objects. In his video-performances the artist engages himself in multiple dialogues with screens and video projections. Taro Izumi’s work shows how different environmental and social conditions may shape human behavior. The artist uses his camera, felts, pots and other objects he finds around him to engage in all kinds of experiments often ridiculous, hilarious, funny and crazy. Taro Izumi’s performative sculptures are unique, they oppose themselves to classical sculpture.

33 36 rue de Seine
75006 Paris – FR
+33(0)1 46 34 61 07

NY Fleiss-Vallois
1018 Madison avenue
NYC, NY 10075 – USA
(646) 476 5885