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36 rue de Seine
Project Room
Galerie Vallois
33 - 36 rue de Seine
Paris 75006 France

Pilar Albarracín

Anatomía flamenca

“ Pilar Albarracín is a significant artist of the contemporary Spanish scene who was born in Sevilla in 1968.

With a caustic sense of humor, Pilar enjoys diverting clichés of pop culture in such a tragic and comic way that we cannot help but wonder about the role played by women in personal, social and political spheres.

Embodying a thousand women on her own, from a flamenca to a housekeeper, the artist offers viewers a cheerful catharsis through her scenarios and performances, denying them the temptation to slip into naive clichés called by conservative, populist and fascist policies, always eager to crowd out our collective imagination.

For the Project room at Galerie Georges- Philippe & Nathalie Vallois, she presents four new photos from the Anatomía flamenca series inspired by her performance project Le Duende Volé realized in 2012 at the Mont-de-Marsan Festival.

From the latin “ dominus “, which translates to “ dueño “ in Spanish (master), the concept of duende exists in Spanish popular culture through flamenco singing and bullfighting. In a poetic metaphor, the duende lives in the inside and connects flesh and desire. In flamenco, it comes to life through speech and gestures, but it extends to all artistic fields when it comes to making the difference between true inspiration and deception. The poet Federico Garcia Lorca devotes lecture series to this notion, considering that the duende arises from the struggle between the body and another one dwelling in the inside. Daring to expose one’s genuine relationship with art calls in the duende to awake and engage in a fight with it. Logic and common sense then break apart giving way to eroticism which owns the freshness of newly created things. “

Valentine Meyer

Like many of Albarracín’s works, the series of photos entitled Anatomía flamenca is made of cathartic parodies and tragicomedies. Each one of them (Seguiriya para un esqueleto, Vísceras por tanguillos, Fandangos por venas y arterias, Soleá por músculos) features the artist performing some burlesque dance moves where eroticism meets death, or where misbehaviors leading to freedom are taken to extremes. Along with the iconic video, Lunares (2004).
A unique series of works will add the finish touch, making the Project room’s sensual atmosphere even more significant.

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