Gilles Barbier

The Emmentalist

Co-editing Les Requins Marteaux, The Pavillon Blanc, Art Center / Media Library Colomiers, Galerie Georges-Philippe & Nathalie Vallois
Published on the initiative of the Center for Art of Colomiers and “Les Requins Marteaux” on the occasion of “Gilles Barbier,” inaugural exhibition of the Pavillon Blanc, Media library / Art Centre Colomiers
Publication Date: November 2011
Texts: Jacques Samson
Illustration of front and back cover: Winshluss
Language: French
Format: 23 × 17 cm
Number of pages: 21 pages
Price: 18 euros
ISBN: 978-2-84961-116-6

This edition is accompanied by one hundred drawings of heads, numbered 1 to 80 and from I to XX for artist's proofs, each of which is accompanied by an original silkscreen signed and numbered by the artist.

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