Lucie Picandet
04.11.2016 — 23.12.2016

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French feminine noun from the Greek term idios “particular, proper to” and the suffix -ose (in English -osis) “forming feminine substantives designating a process of transformation” (also found in words like anamorphosis, metamorphosis, mitosis, etc.). Designates a thing or a thinking made extremely particular under the instrumentalisation of its mediators.
« Dalle du Lad and Thomery are two distinct projects triggered by the same desire to instrumentalize mediators underlying the act of thinking the self as well as thinking the world, in order to go beyond what we already know. Thus, in this project of putting into images invented words from the poem Dalle du Lad, language, beyond its role as a vehicle, becomes a “tool to think”, for instance, new types of actions ormodes of being in space-time.
In Thomery, memory is exceeded in its role as a vehicle of thinking the self. In my grand-parents’ house, now long gone, my children’s eyes were often lost in the curls, motifs, foliage which ornamented the furniture and rooms and all the little things that would attract my thoughts, and where I would lay the odd questionings popping into my mind, at a time when I was still a stranger in this world. I have collected these images from archive photographs and connected them together to form “tools to help me think my own self”. These tools are made to approximatively measure the thickness of my consciousness. Like valves, they open and close access routes to a deeper memory and self-knowledge. »
Lucie Picandet

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« There exists a territory on Earth resembling this very precise gesture: you must first open your hands and extend your fingers, then join them by interlacing your fingers so as to form a block. This block is simultaneously a compact and multiple brain, as the ten directions of your fingers, before being united, captured information, and this information is now connected and in conversation. This image is that of a work to be done, step by step, may it be strange, unknown, mechanical, or fluid, may it be cosmic or terrestrial. This image of two united hands is like words escaping and spoken in their own language. We must learn it (like we learned to speak MIRÓ, TARKOVSKI and BORGÈS). This both complex and clear territory sometimes appears in its labyrinthine form to help us when in the middle of wars and devastation. Lucie Picandet made a gesture according to her territory. »

Lucie Picandet studied theology, philosophy and the aesthetics of cinema. She then completed a diploma in 2007 from the Paris National Fine Arts School (ENSBA) under the supervision of Jean-Michel Alberola. She also obtained a Masters in Philosophy with distinctions from the University Paris 8 in 2010 which led her to undertake a PhD on the aesthetics of cinema (2011- 2016). Writing is also essential in her work: she writes fiction, in verse and prose, some of which are used as starting points for her creations. Today, she is also a graduate assistant in Aesthetics of Cinema at University Paris 8. Lucie Picandet, 33, won the second edition of the Emerige Revelations Prize. This is her first solo show in a gallery.

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