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Pilar Albarracín, Gilles Barbier, Julien Berthier, Julien Bismuth, Alain Bublex, César, Massimo Furlan, Taro Izumi, Richard Jackson, Adam Janes, Daniel Spoerri, Jean Tinguely, Keith Tyson, Julia Wacthel, Winshluss, Virginie Yassef…


Curating: Alain Bublex

For the group show entitled « Portrait de 3/4 » (‘3/4 facing portrait’), Alain Bublex tiptoes on a tightrope: being an artist assuming the role of curator.

“ I didn’t really have an idea for the hanging and I decided not to look for one and start from there: to work without an idea, without a theme or a principle, without a demonstration to give. To simply assemble available works, to pair them without any intention and with a relative indifference; leaving only an impression following another,like how a discovery can bring about another one, due to the space it creates, the empty space it leaves. The works will neighbour each other in the gallery regardless of their provenance, may it be historical, or geographical – similar to the way they sit next to each other in a storage – never in alphabetical order, nor in order of arrival, a mix of the two and subject to the inevitable movements perpetually disorganising their disposition. Their only relation (and it’s already something!) is the fact that they are all registered in the gallery’s catalogue. Together, and because they are not part of any demonstration, they weave a portrait. But it remains probable that they should unveil part of the secret dialogues, the connivance and suspicion that occupy them when we are not there, when the lights are out and the alarm is on.”

In the artist’s mind, the «3/4 facing portrait» is of the gallery. Still, the subtlety of the hanging, the architectural interventions designed especially for this project, even the lighting and scenography all constitute delicate touches allowing us to make out a selfportrait of Alain Bublex himself.

Giving life to a project through the creation of new formats, that not only prevent the project from being imprisoned in just one instant (by merging conception, production and exhibition), but also allow heterogeneous practices to communicate for as long as possible: from design to photography, and from mechanics to tourism. This is what is most characteristic of Alain Bublex’s work. Born in 1961, his work was shown at La Force de l’art 02 at the Grand Palais in Paris, at the CCC – Contemporary art center in Tours, at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, at the MAC/VAL in Vitry-sur-Seine and at the MAMCO in Geneva. A major monography was dedicated to him by the publishing house Flammarion in 2010.

Alain Bublex is represented by the gallery since 1992.

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